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Hello there.

Welcome to Base02 Design and Technology. After 8 years in existence, we're finally building our website. It's embarrassing. In the coming days and weeks, we'll slowly add more content to inform you of what we do and why we do it.

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  • Ted Mosby

    Capture App User

    „Thanks to the awesome Capture app, I'm now able to drop the old digital cam and use my smartphone or tablet instead.“

  • Robin Sparkles

    Coffee App User

    „My credo is: never just trust any old coffee shop. But with the Coffee Finder app and all included features, I can find the right place to get the perfect coffee anywhere.“

  • Marshall Eriksen

    Weather App User

    „They said you don't need this umbrella - the sun is shining! I just laughed and enjoyed the walk one hour later in the summer rain of Amsterdam.“

Responsive Design

A fully responsive layout that adapts perfectly for all device resolutions like mobiles, tablets and desktops

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